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Writing for Animals

Endangered species are reminders that we are interconnected, that animals across the globe are vital threads in the tapestry of life.” World Wildlife Fund

Through stories about #endangered animals set in a changing #climate, my #eco fiction features courageous tweens and teens determined to take action to save the animals they love. Although I do not sugarcoat the truth, my stories are hopeful. They show that #endangered species can recover thanks to the efforts of dedicated conservationists, scientists, and policymakers.
Baby Orangutan
In choosing to write #Eco fiction, I have a responsibility to portray animals in my stories realistically, accurately, and sensitively in a way that can open hearts and minds to the suffering of animals threatened by the destruction of their natural habits. My stories also features amazing animals! In order for readers to feel empathy for these animals I highlight their behavior and ‘thoughts’ as much as I do that of humans—which requires a great deal of fascinating research.
My writing journey began over twenty years ago with #The Adventures of #The Sizzling Six series, and more recently with #The Four #Elements Cli-fi trilogy. Each story transports readers on an exciting adventure with brave young #upper element #tweens and #teens and the #endangered animals they are determined to save. In each story the protagonists become #Eco-detectives to investigate what is harming the animals: from the mighty #Sumatran orangutan, the shy Australian #koala to the #great gray whale, from the unique #diamondback terrapins to the mysterious #fresh water mussels, from flocks of threatened birds winging across the planet—pipping plovers, red knots, white storks, chimney swifts, peregrine falcons, broad winged hawks, and red-cocked wood peckers—to the ancient species of #horseshoe crabs.
My latest #cli-fi, The Gray Whale's Lament, features Natsilane, an ancient #gray whale, and Alysie, the teen who has a special power to understands #whale's songs.

Gray whale swimming
When the teens discover how humans are destroying the animals’ natural habit, which speeds up #climate change, they must summon extraordinary courage to save the animals they love before it is too late.
The #environmental fiction series also explore themes of #justice, #animal and human rights, the #power of friendships, and of joining together with other #environmental activists.
Readers interested in stories with animals, survival stories, and stories with environmental themes, will be inspired to become the next generation of wise stewards of the Earth.

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Writing for Animals John Junker et al, Ashland Creek Press