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The Final Diagnosis
What Autopsies Reveal About Life and Death

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Ordinary people suffering extraordinary demises, no cops, no criminals, just the laying bare of the human body and the final diagnosis of the cause and nature of death. The Final Diagnosis opens a window into the why's and how's and intimate details of the autopsy procedure, and the skill and dedication of the investigative pathologist in solving death's medical mysteries. Hard science resolves the mysteries; however, it is the humanity of the families that touches the heart. Like a good mystery, each case is salted with clues to help the reader solve the final cause of death-revealed only at the end...

About The Authors
Boris Datnow MD
Boris Datnow M.D. FCAP: has practiced pathology for over forty years. During this period he performed autopsies, from which he carefully selected cases for this book. Dr. Datnow was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council, to conduct research at the Ames Research Center in Moffet Field, California. After completing a residency in Clinical and Anatomic Pathology at the Mayo Clinic Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota, he was elected a Fellow of the American Board of Pathology. He continues his work as a pathologist to the present.
Claire Datnow MA
Claire was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, which ignited her love for the natural world and for diverse indigenous cultures around the globe. Claire taught creative writing to gifted and talented students in the Birmingham, Alabama Public Schools System. Her published works include a middle grade Eco mystery series, The Adventures of The Sizzling Six. She received numerous scholarships and awards, including, The Blanche Dean Award for Outstanding Nature Educator, the Alabama Writers Cooperative Middle Grade Award, and Monarch Mysteries (Book 6 eco mystery series) long listed for the Green Books Award. During her tenure as a teacher, Claire and her students developed a nature trail, recently named in her honor as the Alabama Audubon-Datnow Forest Preserve.

The stories presented in the case studies were wide-ranging and compelling. The e-book sometimes jumbled sentences and made reading difficult.

A surprisingly educational gift for me. Must reading for all who take their health seriously, as it stresses the importance of autopsies for the health of surviving members of a family. Something to be learned in every chapter case study, even for those of us who are not in the medical profession.Lawrence Silver

Loved the joining of human and medical issues in this well written and entertaining book. Read this if you want to know more about why families order private autopsies and what the results can show. Can't wait for the second installment!. Nina