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Adventures of the Sizzling Six: The Lone Tree

First in a series of environmental novels Book 1. They thought it was going to be a boring summer. It wasn’t. When six determined teenagers decide to save a magnificent white oak their adventures begin. Can they preserve their tree and the animals living in it? Will they get to build their secret hideout in its great branches? What could go wrong? The Sizzling Six will have to reckon with a ticked off neighbor on the city council, an unusual teacher, a thickheaded bully and his ditzy girlfriend, a mysterious dreamtime eagle, and an awesome night bat.

Readers Reviews
I read your book, The Adventures of the Sizzling Six: The Lone Tree, with great pleasure. The way you weaved lessons in ecology, economics, civics, group dynamics, and growing up into a good read accessible—no, engaging—to younger readers, is inspiring. I very much admire your commingling of poetic scene setting with clarity of exposition of complex subjects out of reach of common understanding, with editorial advocacy. You have developed the skill of making clarity from complexity. Thank you for your commitment to writing books.

George Terrian, architect

The Lone Tree is an ideal read-aloud book for parents and teachers. A superb ending that kids will love. A well researched and balanced presentation, grounded in solid facts and real conservation issues that educates and engages the young adult reader.

Cleo Lackey, Media Specialist

I would recommend The Adventures of the Sizzling Six: The Lone Tree  to any of the middle school grade teachers I work with in our outreach program.  The girls provide an insight for all pre-teens and teenagers that they too can be environmentally conscious.  During our field events, we often challenge students to come up with ways to balance conservation with growth.  Sarah and her friends set an example that helps young minds grasp the impact man can make on the land if he doesn't plan properly.

Kay Stone, Outreach Program Administrator  II, Auburn University Environmental Institute